Mobile phone mast interference

If you’re experiencing new interference to TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview, BT, or YouView, this could be caused by mobile services that have been upgraded in your area. Sky and satellite TV will not be effected

Mobile services and digital TV use parts of the radio spectrum (airwaves), to reach us. The airwaves used by some new mobile services are next to those used for TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview, BT, TalkTalk or YouView.

As a result, when a nearby mobile mast is upgraded, there is a small chance that your aerial, TV, or set-top box could struggle to receive a good TV signal. Cable and satellite services will not be affected.

You are more likely to be affected if you live in an area with weak digital television reception, have a TV signal booster, or are very close to a mobile mast.

Sometimes we can slightly adjust the angle of your aerial to alleviate the problem. Modern aerials are less likely to be effected as they are designed to only pick up from the current TV signal frequencies.