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Chimney guards covers cowls supplied and fitted

There are many reasons for fitting Cowls, Caps or a Guards to the chimney pot, and a large variety of products available.

You have to consider if your fire is still used, and what fuel type your burn as this dictates the type of cowl you can have fitted.

Stop Birds Nesting
A big problem that a lot of homeowners have is dealing with birds nesting in the roof, or, in some cases, in the chimney. This is actually more common than people think, and it can cause quite a few issues, not to mention threatening the safety of the bird! You don’t want the bird falling into the wood burner, and you don’t want a distressed creature flapping around in your home. Fitting the right kind of chimney bird guard prevents the chances of birds nesting in your chimney, and gives you a chimney chute that is free from problems.

Keep the Rain Out
The weather can sometimes be adverse; wet and wild springs to mind. But, when you are in the comfort and safety of your home, you should be able to avoid the weather outside. However, not having chimney cowls fitted can result in rain leaking through the chimney and into the home. Rain entering the chimney flue system can become a significant problem long-term and might lead to all kinds of problems, including causing the stove or wood burner to rust. If you can get a cowl fitted as a rain guard, you will enable your wood burner to last longer, and this is important for the future.

Different Types of Cowl
When you are trying to choose a cowl for your chimney, it is essential to make sure you get the right one, and this means assessing the available different types. A stainless steel spinning cowl is one of the most common kinds of cowl available on the market and will be fine for most chimneys. However, there are others as well, such as a directional wind cowl, updraft cowl, capping cowls and a clamping chimney cowl. There are a lot of factors that play a role in choosing the right cowl, and this is something you need to consider. Chimney cowls are some of the most useful chimney accessories you can get, and though not essential, they are necessary for protecting the home and making the most of your wood burner. If you want to do this, you are going to need to come up with ways of choosing precisely the right chimney protector for your home. There are so many excellent ideas that can play a role in this, and you have to plan for the future by making the right kind of cowl investment right now