Northampton Digital

Aerial Options

The best type of digital aerial to fit to your house will depend on the signal strength in your area and any surrounding possible sources of interference.

Some digital aerials give a higher gain, some amplify a signal better and some are less susceptible to interference. Aerials explained.

Some people prefer a discrete aerial, some houses have mounting restrictions such as small chimneys and some houses require an aerial with the highest possible gain and on the tallest possible pole. All of the aerials that we fit are CAI benchmarked digital aerials, not cheap DIY shop budget aerials.

Digital aerial feeds can be installed to as many rooms as desired if the correct amplification is used.

Most new TV’s now come with integrated digital TV tuners, though older TV’s can easily be converted to receive digital TV with a Freeview box. Hard drive digital receivers are also available that make recording simple, like sky plus.

Whatever your individuals needs are, Northampton Digital will have the solution to suit your reception, property and budget.

Our installers are able to give you advice on which aerial system would suit your needs best and prepare you for the digital switchover.

All of our aerial installs carry our two year no nonsense Guarantee

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