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Northampton Digital

A High gain digital aerial and digital approved coaxial cable will be used. The cable is usually externally routed with access via a small drilled hole through the of your property, in close proximity to the TV/receiver position and connected directly to your TV/receiver. The hole is sealed and there is little disturbance to your interior decor, we can install an aerial outlet box at additional cost. Our engineer will discuss and advise on the best cable routing options as this varies from property to property, generally we would try an follow the natural contours/lines of your property to provide a neat and tidy cable installation

The best digital aerial location would be advised by our engineer, the main priority would be to obtain the best possible reception and provide you with a discreet and unobtrusive installation.
Our engineer will discuss your aerial installation details and work out the best compromise for quality reception and an unobtrusive installation.