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The BBC has announced it will show the World Cup in Ultra HD, the latest development in TV technology.
Here's a list of the big TV breakthroughs since Bairds first TV set.

1. CRT TVs. this is how TVs were made right up until the 90's. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

2. LCD and Plasma TVs. Thinner, bigger and better! Plasmas had better blacks for contrast and better viewing angles, however LCDs worked better in daylight and were more energy efficient.

3. Digital TV. Broadcast through aerials and satellites this gave the viewer a far greater choice of channels to watch.

4. High definition. HD has up to five times the resolution of standard definition either 1280x720p or 1920x1080p giving a much sharper picture

5. 3D TV. This has never really fulfilled its promise. Though many TVs were sold, the restriction of wearing glasses and a lack of films/TV content has seen its popularity wain.

6. Smart TV. Rather than just viewing your TV shows as they were broadcast through an Aerial or Satellite, you can now watch TV shows and films on demand using an internet connection.

So what will be next,,, Hologram TV? Imagine seeing a mini version of a football match or boxing match beamed live in your living room in hologram form, watch this space for updates.