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5G is coming...

What is 5G and will it effect my TV?

The Government has sold of more of the TV UHF frequency range to mobile phone providers, meaning that less is now available for TV broadcasts.

A few years ago TV frequencies 60 to 68 were sold off to provide airspace for 4G mobile phones, now frequencies 50 to 59 have been sold off to allow for 5G.

Engineering works have already begun to clear the frequencies, some transmitters have already moved some of the channels to make way, however it is a complex operation trying to fit so many channels into the smaller band now left for TV broadcasts.

Only a small number of people will be effected, those living close to mobile phone transmitters most likely to be effected. 5G filers or new aerials which do not pick up from frequencies above 49 (700 MHz) may be required. As with 4G some boosters may need turning down or removing altogether.
Satellite systems will not be effected by the changes.